About University

◈ Shendi University is a Sudanese public university founded in March 1994 in accordance to Act 67 for the year 1994 in the River Nile State and Shendi as headquarters. It is a fruit of higher education revolution that was declared by the Salvation Revolution.

◈ Since its establishment the University has steadily advanced to attain the objectives and intended ends through implementing programs on different polar like:

◈ Being a community oriented university, it effectively participated in all the social programs of the local, regional and national level. The university gives great importance to this effect, as it believes that developing the community is No. 1 university role.

◈ Giving great care and support to the scientific research and directing it to serve the citizen of the state and solve his problems.

◈ The university adopts the principle of comprehensive excellence and self-evaluation in all faculties in qualifying the students and awarding certificates.

About University
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