Registration and Attendance

Registration Rule

1. A person who has been nominated for admission to the university is not only a student after completing the registration procedures at the college concerned.
2. Do not allow any student who did not complete the registration to attend university lectures and enter the libraries and the practice of various activities conducted or take advantage of the services offered by the university to students procedures.
3. The student and his guardian to sign it when you recorded for the first semester the university pledged to observe the provisions of the law and the statutes to regulate the conduct and accounting students.
4. Registration is required for each semester according to the academic calendar announced by the secretariat of scientific affairs.

Conditions of Registration

1. required when the student for the semester singles record (the beginning of the school year) party devoid of any academic work or exams may depend on the results of re-student or separated.
2. A student registration procedures in person at the places and times specified by the university.
3. shall not register any student unless the following highlights:
A certificate of clearance from university libraries and academic departments certificate with the exception of new students
(B) the medical fitness certificate for new students.
(C) support the payment of registration fees and tuition.
(D) passing the previews for new students.
(E) any other fees or certificates specified by the university or college.

Recording the first semester students
1. A determination of tuition fees by the secretariat of the preliminary scientific affairs in accordance with the information specified in the acceptance of the nomination form.
2. The dean of each faculty committees for inspection and registration for new students under the supervision of the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs and these committees follow the following procedures:
A sampling procedure necessary for the student to ensure its suitability for the study.
(B) guide students to a medical examination at the university.
3. Adoption and record the student according to the form prepared for that and converted to the College Board.
4. The total registered editing authorized payment of a student who has passed inspection a medical examination as tuition and registration fees approved by the Commission.
5. Date will be made upon presentation of financial receipt approved.
6. student candidate who does not accept the complete registration procedures in accordance with the calendar announced Astmarth returned to manage public acceptance, the recording time of two weeks.
7. be transferred student registration procedures and material holders by the college concerned and heads of departments under the supervision of faculty deans according to the forms prepared for it.

Recording Time

1. Date of two weeks duration.
2. A student who did not register during the registration period, and has a reasonable excuse for the College Board may be allowed to register until the end of the third week of the start of registration. The longer the duration of his absence from school absence acceptable excuse.
3. A student who did not score in the specified time period and did not have an excuse acceptable to the College Board, did not freeze the semester graduating from college records.
4. A student who has not recorded an excuse accepted by the College Board is withdrawn from the separation effect.

Steps electronic Registration

1. The student must visit the website of the University of and pressure on the registration link to register your mail or direct mail site
2. Registration is the site in the form of steps (the first step of the third step). 3. The first step: an explanation of how electronic registration. 4. The second step is to figure out student information required for the registration process: (Student ID, and the total fee required of the student) is done as follows: (a) the college selection and leave the current semester and then choose the name from the list the name of the student.
(B) the pressure on the details of the required information and then appear to pay the fees the bank.
(C) go to any student branch of the Savings and Development Bank and the social capital and the US and the student receives after paying fees Aharan Order of the bank’s employees (in the case of student tuition fees exemption received notice of one).
5. The third step: Visit website to register again to fill in personal data required to complete the registration process to carry out the following steps:
A login ID must be the university’s entry in the designated area (username). And number two notifications on which he received from a bank employee in the space allocated for (password). Example B if the two notifications Nos 90 and 91 would be the password as follows (91-90), and in the case of a single notification for the student to be exempt password is No. notice only without any additives
B-click on login.
(C) in the case of data entered health for the user name and password page with shows range from the upper part of the page fields to display the basic student information and is not adjustable, down him and the group fields, the student must be filled with the right information and then clicking on Remember the bottom of the page. (The student is responsible for what is entered from the data so you must be accurate)
6. A student can extract benefit (from the site directly) explains that he completed the registration process successfully.
7. A student can edit its input data only once during the registration period.
8. To query and inquiry can contact the following numbers during the daily Commitment: 0155662137- 0155662177-0155662166 – 0155662178

Faculty Attendance

1. The student attendance on the theoretical and practical field study and management of the college to determine the appropriate method and mechanism to monitor attendance.
2. The absence of an acceptable excuse the student does not relieve him from carrying out his responsibilities Academy stated that export during the period of his absence
3. Students who exceed his absence, 25% of the specified hours of academic course or semester in question must study scheduled or semester, which missed him and then sits for an exam scheduled on or semester.
4. student ratio in excess of 25% of his absence from the specified hours of academic course or semester on an acceptable excuse for the College Board may be prepared having withdrawn from this decision threshing

Registration and Attendance
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