Students’ Guideline

Study Evaluation

1. being the Evaluation by:
(A) written examination and
(B) the specific duties and (or)
(C) practical exams and (or)
(D) oral questions.
2. A percentage of the final grade for the semester work / school stage in the materials include periodic testing and research articles and practical performance.
3. The calendar on the trade-off between students by comparing the student’s grades to the rest of the students sitting degrees for that decision based system.
4. comparison based on a statistical analysis of all the grades of students who sit on the decision and that the extraction of the arithmetic mean as well as the standard deviation for each course and were converted to class each student appreciated.

Excellent Very Good Good Pass Fail


1. college or section defines the conditions for success in each subject.
2. The successful applicant is granted a reasonable estimate in Annex exam.
3. The student transferred from one academic year (level) is a top after his success in all established in the year subjects.


If a student fails in a:
1. received less than the degree of success of assessments for the material.
2. Advertiser missed the exam without an acceptable excuse.
3. because of the proven case of fraud or non-orthodox behavior during the exam.

Appendix exam

1. The student gives an opportunity to test Appendix If he fails in no more than 50% of the total semesters for the year concerned materials.
2. The student who fails in Annex exam gives consecutive misses to remove failing the course / materials involved.

Alternative exam

1. The College Council may grant a student who missed an excuse Advertiser exam test alternative.
2. hold the exam with alternative supplements exams.
3. The student who fails in the alternative regulations apply to it for examination, taking into account the result of material that sat her exams in the first cycle exams exam.
4. A student who has succeeded in giving the alternative exam grade obtained.


The student brings the school year if he fails in more than 50% of the school year material.

the classroom
1. The student will be dismissed if he stays for re in the school year and failed in any of the supplements exams (remove repetition).
2. separates student who has not yet misses consecutive grant to remove repetition succeeds.

Exam from abroad

1. The College Council may grant a student academically dismissed two chances to sit for the exam from abroad does not have to be a student has spent more than two years after his class academically.
2. The College Council may grant a student academically dismissed in the final year of opportunities to sit for the exam from abroad does not have to be a student has spent more than two years after his class academically.
3. Examiner from abroad sitting for an exam accredited school year in which the student sits curriculum.
4. hold the exam from abroad with the final exam for the semester in question.
5. The Board of the College to re-examiner student from abroad who succeeded in all subjects in any of the opportunities given to him recording.

Cases of fraud

When the charge of cheating a Brigadier commission of inquiry Therefore, in the case of proven fraud separates concerned student for two semesters consecutive days, and in case of repeated evidence of fraud again separates the student from school altogether.

A review of the exam answer sheets

Entitled to the deposit to the student only apply to the College Board within 24 hours of onset of (currently) the result of the review of securities answer his exams after (payment of the prescribed fee) by the Commission and its decision shall be final in case of confirmation of failing the course / materials deprives the student to sit for the exam attache in that article / materials If confirmed, the student failing article / Moadfy case review request for exams supplements separates from the university.

Students’ Guideline
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