The Regulatory Structure of Shendi University

The Regulatory Structure of University

The structure Regulatory University consists of the organizational structure of the University:

  1. University Council
  2. Executive Committee and Financial Affairs
  3. University President
  4. Vice president
  5. Secretary of Scientific Affairs
  6. Dean of Student Affairs
  7. Secretary libraries
  8. Provost
  9. Deans
  10. Institutes managers
  11. Managers of units and departments

12Managers of the centers

  1. Council of Masters
  2. Council of Deans
  3. Boards and specialized committees

University Council consists of:

  1. Chairman of the Board
  2. Ex officio member
  3. Director
  4. Vice president
  5. The agent is scheduled to Council
  6. Dean of Student Affairs
  7. Secretary of Scientific Affairs
  8. Secretary libraries
  9. Members to be selected from within the university they eight professors selected by the Council of whom at least three of the deans
  10. Three of the workers two of them are not members of CCAMLR teaching
  11. Two members chosen by the student union, one President of the Union
  12. Members from outside the university

Twenty-one members, with competence, efficiency and attention to higher education and national issues from outside the university appointed by the sponsor on the recommendation of the Minister, so

For the Council to be four years from the date of its formation

The regulations shall specify cases of members of the Board seats and how to fill those seats

The Regulatory Structure of Shendi University
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