Transformation from/To Shendi University

The Procedures of Conversion in the first year

The first year is through the management and controls according to the time period specified by the Commission.

Conversion after the first year

To convert from one university to another after the first year in accordance with the following conditions: 1) to get approval from the university, including the converter and the approval of the adapter to the university.
2) be qualified and possess a minimum of competition of the college concerned in the relevant year they wish to transfer to in the context of public acceptance, or be transferred to alimony own system meets the minimum acceptance of the alimony own system in the year you get the high school diploma.
3) to convert from a university or community college to a public university after obtaining the consent of the parties, and in case of failure to obtain the approval could resignation to be accepted at the public university on alimony own system only after it meets the minimum admission requirements on alimony own system.
4) the conversion procedures be adopted by management to give No. university student or convert.
5) of the Commission or the Council may be added to other conditions, be required for admission.

Additional conditions
Transfer to the University of Shendi

May be transferred to the university students from government or other universities are accepted according to the following conditions:
1. The student of the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs apply for conversion because the project calls for conversion and image attachment from the Sudanese certificate well before the start of the study.
2. Conversion to be at the beginning of the semester.
3. to be the college equivalent of the college, including the converter.
4. that the college semester who joins him transferred student to determine.
5. that all the admission requirements apply to him to be the college to convert.
6. Have the preliminary approval from the university where he taught for transfer to the University of Shendi.
7. not be less than the period in which the university will spend four semesters.
8. The student must have successfully passed all the courses studied by the university, including the converter.
9. The student should submit a certificate of good conduct and the details of the first year he studied at the university.

Conversion within the university: from one college to another college

Students may transfer from one college to college within the university according to the following conditions:
1. that there is an acceptable reason for conversion accepted by the kidneys.
2. No one may transfer only at the beginning of the semester.
3. that the student meets the requirements percentage terms for the acceptance of the college that wants to convert.
4. that there are similarities in the planned kidneys subjects.
5. approval of the Commission on Higher Education to accept the conversion.

Transformation from/To Shendi University
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